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Lak Dhillon


My desire to continuously learn and grow helps me to successfully achieve any goal or project. I lead by example, and ensure that quality, pride of ownership, teamwork, and care in the overall project, are the main points of focus instilled in our trades. I am a hands-on contributing member of any team and project, as building is my passion.

To achieve success, every organization needs someone to drive key projects and programs. I am an experienced Project Management Professional with a keen sense of sustainable responsibility.

I have more than thirteen years of experience keeping energy and infrastructure-related projects on schedule and within scope and budget. My varied experience has given me the tools to see where things are not as efficient as they could be, and the knowledge of how to put in place efficient solutions that use resources effectively and efficiently. I do this through work process mapping, implementing new work processes, streamlining existing ones and by optimizing business tools, always striving for maximum efficiency and a flawless execution.

I believe great managers can get the best out of projects only by effectively working with people. As a leader, I lead with integrity, and have a proven track record of inspiring team members to continuously raise the bar and deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Outside of fostering collaboration and ensuring projects are well-coordinated, my passions include camping, boating, hiking, gardening and traveling with my family.

If you would like to connect with me to discuss how we can work together to ensure your sustainability projects achieve the highest level of efficiency and accuracy, please contact me.



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